2nd BRIDGES 2nd Lake Konstanz Guitar Research Meeting
March 27 -29, 2009 Bregenz ⋅ Austria


Marco Bazzotti (Italy)
To be announced

Detlev Bork (Germany)
Early Sources of Guitar Music in Northern Germany

Dirk Buhrmann (Germany)
Antonio Jimenez Manjón and his Torres 11-string Guitar

Jan de Kloe (Belgium)
The Cortabarria Collection and its Authenticity

Jan de Kloe (Belgium)
An Index to the Prat Diccionario

Josef Focht (Germany)
The Innsbruck Guitar Form in the early 19th Century

Tom Edsges (The Netherlands)
An unkown Concerto for Terzina and Strings

Stefan Hackl ( Austria)
Die Wiener G(u)itarreschulen des 19. Jahrhunderts

Thorsten Hindrichs (Germany)
Christian Gottlieb Scheidler - Inwardness and Transcendence in German Guitar Music around 1800

Ken’ichi Hiratsuka (Japan)
The Role of Friction in the Guitar Tone

Giovanni Intelisano (Italy)
Luigi Mozzani

Christof Jäggin (Switzerland)
Intimathy and Secrecy in 19th Century Guitar Songs-Manuscripts of Guitar Songs from the Lake Constance Region

Jürgen Libbert ( Germany)
Selected Examples for the Transition from Tabulature to Staff Notation in the 18th Century

Damian Martin Gil (Spain)
Inverted Crossing in the 19th Century

Erling Møldrup (Denmark)
Søffren Degen and his Connection with Napoléon Coste in Paris

Fulvia Morabito (Italy)
Luigi Boccherinis Guitar Quintetts: new Perspectives on Genesis, Sources and textual Transmission

Matanya Ophee (USA)
Spanish Music reflected in the Works of Russian Guitarrists

Giacomo Parimbelli (Italy)
Italian Guitarrists (in Bergamo?)

Erich Wofgang Partsch (Austria)
Guitarmusic of the Viennese Biedermeier

Gerhard Penn (Switzerland)
Early Viennese Guitar Music: The Guitar Concertos from Louis Wolf to Johann Padovetz

Erik Stenstadvold (Norway)
Guitar Methods 1760-1860. A historical Survey

Andreas Stevens (Germany)
The Munich Guitar Ensembles (Münchner Gitarren Quartett, Münchener Gitarre Kammertrio). Genesis, Literature and Activities

Michael Sieberichs-Nau (Austria)
Johann Dubez
A Guitar Virtouso in the Period of Decline in Vienna

Johannes Tappert ( Germany)
Presentation of early German Guitars from Jacob Otto

Alex Timmermann (The Netherlands)
The Development of the Terzina

Janos Vajda ( Germany)
Manuel de Falla Homenaje a Debussy-Manuscript and Versions for Guitar and Orchestra

James Westbrook (United Kingdom)
Investigative Methods for the Study of Historical Guitars: A Case Study of the Work of Antonio de Torres